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Gender Pay Gap Report

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Augustinian Care is required, by law, to publish an annual gender pay gap report due to the number of employees within our Organisation. We embraced the opportunity to analyse our data and are pleased to confirm that our results show that we have significantly lower gender pay gap differentials, when compared to the key office for National Statistics and Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings figures.

The "gender pay gap" is not to be confused with unequal pay, which occurs if a member of the opposite sex is paid less for doing the same or broadly similar work, work related as equivalent, or work of equal value.

This is our report for the most recent snapshot data as at 5th April 2017. During this period, the gap in pay identified between male and female employees was:

  • The mean gender pay gap for Augustinian Care was 14.9%
  • The median gender pay gap for Augustinian Care was .2%

One employee received a bonus during this period

What are the underlying reasons for our gender pay gap?

Augustinian Care is committed to the principles of equal opportunities and equal treatment for all employees, regardless of sex, race, religion or belief, age, marriage or civil partnerships, pregnancy/maternity, sexual orientation, gender reassignment or disability. We have a clear practice of paying employees equally for the same equivalent work, regardless of their sex (or any other protected characteristics set out above). As such, we carry out pay and benefits audits at regular intervals, staff surveys and evaluate job roles and pay grades to ensure a fair structure.

Our commitment to equal treatment is demonstrated in the table annexed overleaf in Appendix 1, depicting pay quartiles by gender. The table shows our workforce divided into four equal sized groups based on hourly pay rates, with Quartile 1 covering the highest paid 25% (the upper quartile) and Quartile IV including the lowest paid 25% of employees (the lower quartile). In order for there to be no gender pay gap, there would need to be an equal ratio of men to women in each Quartile. For example, 66.3% of our employees in Quartile IV are women and 33.8% are men. This is principally due to the high proportion of females employed as carers across our Care Homes.

How does Augustinian Care gender pay gap compare with that of other Organisations?

The vast majority of Organisations have a gender pay gap. We are pleased to report that Augustinian Care's pay gap compares extremely favourably with that of other Organisations in the care sector.

The mean gender pay gap for the whole economy (according to the October 2017 Office for National Statistics Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings figures) is 17.4%, at 14.9%, our mean pay gap is therefore lower than those for the whole economy.

The median gender pay gap for the whole economy (according to the October 2017 Office for National Statistics Annual Survey of Hours and Earning figures) is 18.4% while our median gender pay gap at .2%, is significantly lower than for the whole economy.

What is Augustinian Care doing to address its gender pay gap?

Whilst our gender pay gap compares favourably with that of other Organisations across the whole UK economy, this is not a subject about which we are complacent, and we are committed to doing everything that we can to reduce the gap further. However, we also recognise that our scope is to act is limited in some areas. We have, for example, no direct control over the subjects that individuals choose to study, or the career choices that they make, or the predominance of gender of applicants that apply for positions within our Organisation. These pre-determined factors therefore had a direct bearing on the number of male to female ratios in the sector in which we operate.

We recognise that none of our current initiatives will, of itself, remove the gender pay gap, and it may be several years before some have any impact at all. In the meantime, Augustinian Care is committed to reporting on an annual basis on what we are doing to reduce the gender pay gap and the progress that we are making.

Right now, we have plans to extend our evidence-gathering to include qualitative data. We will conduct this exercise through consultation across all areas and levels of the Organisation to identify the barriers for employees across each quartile.

Any further initiatives launched throughout the year will be reported on the Organisation?s website and in our internal employee newsletter which is published quarterly.

Our Gender Pay Gap figures have been calculated in line with the regulations set out in the gender pay gap reporting legislation. I confirm that these figures have been verified and are accurate.

Philip Smith
CEO. Augustinian Care

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